Sabrina ft Ricardo Hinds – ‘Misread Heartbreak’

Brighton local Sabrina is one of the cities most exciting up and coming singers. For her new tune Misread Heartbreak she's teamed up with Ricardo Hinds, a talented young producer we see consistently producing the goods time and time again. The duo first hit our radar a year ago when they teamed up on a tune entitled Changes alongside a garage remix from Moony. Misread Heartbreak is a next level sound though, it's clear to see the progression in both artists and the polished but gritty sound wouldn't be out of place on mainstream radio or in the charts.

The tune starts off with a deep kick and a mix of Sabrina's vocals and builds slowly with signature sounds from Ricardo. It's a journey of talented production techniques and incredible vocals showcasing what the duo are capable of going forward. Quite frankly, for me this tune's a breath of fresh air. A lot of tunes these days are disposable...You hear them, they blow up, they get rinsed on the radio, the artist cashes in and the tune gets left for dead. This tunes different. You can really sense this tune was made with care from the vocals to the production and there's longevity...We'll bang this next year and it's still gunna be a banger.

Krept & Konan Gig Review - Brighton - 21/11/14

Written by Charlie Lowe

Krept & Konan are a UK rap duo from South London, consisting of Casyo 'Krept' Johnson and Karl 'Konan' Wilson. They met and became friends in 2005 and in 2009 formed the now well-known duo together. Releasing their first mixtape in 2010 under the name 'Redrum' and a second Mixtape shortly after named 'Tsunami' they sparked immediate interest in the UK Grime scene. In 2011 the duo's cover of 'Otis' by Jay-Z and Kanye West became a massive You Tube hit, apparently garnering over 5 million views before it was taken down at the request of Jay-Z's legal team. Regardless of the controversy around the track it’s impossible to deny the part it played in the pairs spike in popularity. In 2013 they won the MOBO for Best UK Newcomer and after the huge success of their third mixtape 'Young Kingz' they signed a record deal with Virgin MEI. This year they've continued their impressive run of success with another MOBO, this time for Best Hip Hop act.  

It goes without saying, the future is sure looking bright for this South London duo.

Krept and Konan weren’t supposed to hit the stage until 1:30 am, so we had a fairly late night ahead of us. Shooshh was an interesting venue. A night club situated under the famous Victorian arches on Brighton beach, it had become quite well known for its glamorous decor and VIP experience. We were interested to see what all the fuss was about.

It was a Runway Friday night, which meant the club was plenty busy and drinks were cheap. Very cheap. The main room was packed, a large bar ran along the wall on the right side of the room and a curved stage with a DJ in the middle sat in the opposite corner, there were multiple archways and doors leading to other rooms with differing music and vibes throughout and a winding stairway led to a second floor above where you could look down on the festivities below. We grabbed ourselves a round of Rum and Cokes from the friendly and very speedy bar staff and then set about trying to position ourselves nearer the stage to get a good spot for pictures. 1:30 am came and went with continual reminders that Krept & Konan would be on stage 'very soon'. We knew it wouldn’t really be anytime soon so we grabbed ourselves another round of those cheap drinks.

The reminders continued through 1:45 and 2 am, still with no show, until the lads finally came on stage at around 2:15. The announcer did well to build some hype before their entrance and they came on loud and full of energy. Given the club atmosphere, the boys were clearly sticking to the more lively tunes in their repertoire, breaking them up with occasional and impressive freestyles. It was when they dropped the hit 'Don’t Waste My Time' that they fully caught the crowd, the entire ground floor repeating the infectious chorus with joy. Once clearly wasn’t enough, so we were treated to it a second time, much to the pleasure of the now very involved onlookers.  

Hit single aside, I found myself struggling to make out exactly what else the duo performed, this is no critic of them or the club itself but I’m not sure the levels were right and the decks seemed up and down throughout the performance. There were times were I, try as I might, simply couldn’t make out what was being said on the mic when either Krept or Konan were doing their thing, and the beats were often drowned out by the lively crowd and music coming from rooms elsewhere. I’ve since discovered that there were problems with the DJ Software on the night, in this case Serato DJ, which is surprising considering how well known Serato is for its stability and performance. These things can’t be helped though. As is the case with new technology, no matter how reliable, it often likes to mess you around before doing what it’s told. Vinyl would have been more stable. Keep things pure, I say. Especially when it comes to music. But I’m simply old fashioned so ignore me.

Regardless of personal preferences and slight technical problems, problems I’m not even sure many people would have picked up on anyway, it was a very enjoyable experience. I thought both Krept & Konan did well to engage the crowd and kept them invested in their performance. By the time their brief appearance was over, 30-45 minutes later, everyone was left buzzing.

A club night with the added bonus of an appearance by multiple MOBO award winners isn’t something to be passed up, and thanks to Shooshh, my itch to see Krept & Konan live after so much binge listening has definitely been scratched... For now.

Keep an eye (and both ears) on their future.

Pear Shaped Apparel - The Roadman Parka - Black

The final installment of the Underdog collection has finally arrived, the Roadman Parka. To get you through the dark and dreary months, we spent most of our summer developing what we feel is the perfect winter accessory. Much like the first jacket we produced for a our summer collection, we wanted to keep colour and print to a minimum on this one. We've created a sleek, stylish and practical garment in a classic Parka style. The jacket shrugs off water, and is ideal for those windy winter days. It has a full zip, with a fleece lined collar that included a chin guard. Storm cuffs that keep out wind and rain, and a quilted lining design specifically for comfort.


Design-wise, we've have a screen printed flock patch on the breast of the jacket, that encapsulates the collections style. With our specially crafted hood lining, that is hand stiched with the finest vintage 19402 Italian silk, that gives the whole garment the touch it needs to set it apart from the rest. Due to the nature of the material sourced there will be a very limited number of these available...Get involved early to avoid disappointment 








Riki Tik Beach Bar Open & Chief Rockas Collective & Dagger Sound LIVE TONIGHT!

This week we visited the brand new Riki Tik Beach Bar on Brighton beach. The bar's located where 'The Tube' used to be just up from Fortune Of War. The Riki Tik family have done an amazing job on the venue, boasting over 50 different rums to choose from, a huge range cocktails, incredible food, paradise decor and a record shop coming soon...this is a real hot spot going in to 2015 and a very positive addition for Brighton seafront.

Tonight they're delighted to announce that Norwich's finest purveyors of Roots, Reggae, Rub-A-Dub and Digi Reggae will be touching down in Brighton for the first time.

For the last year or so, Chief Rockas Collective have been releasing some seriously heavyweight originals, refixes and remixes, all FREE TO DOWNLOAD from their JUST-IS Records label! They've collaborated with artists such as Lutan Fyah, Gappy Ranks, Parly B and Dark Angel to name but a few, resulting in some serious productions inna modern dancehall style!

If you haven't heard some of their tracks & dubplates, check out their soundcloud:

With support from Dagger Sound


18 + Only | ID may be required


21 November 2014

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Established midway through 2013, young clothing brand NICCE London has quickly made a name for itself as an emerging London lifestyle brand.

Since Formation they have focused on developing a clean honest approach to contemporary street wear apparel. NICCE create clean, functional clothing pushing forward in new directions for-ever maintaining their ethos.

Drawing inspiration from London's ever-changing culture and music scene, Nicce’s AW14 collection shows an exciting mix of traditional ideas with contemporary cuts.

Alongside their forever established originals, NICCE work with seasonal collections with a strong directional approach, aiming to produce clean contemporary street wear to be worn by everyone.

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End of the Line: PSA Training Jacket

PSA BTN Training Jacket (LAST ONE)

This is the last item in our current line of training jackets, its breathable and light weight, and ideal for getting you ready for matchday. It features a hide away hood, that is shower proof, and easily folds into the pocket making and ideal travel item.

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PSA BTN Training Jacket
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