American's Spitting Grime

28 July 2015

American's Spitting Grime


Coming accross this video of an American flowing over a Kahn and Neek tune in the US made me realise that I've never heard grime in such an accent before.

This sent me searching for some American rappers giving a grime beat a go. Unfortunately there really isn't that much content out there at all. Hopefully with the recent explosion of the grime scene across the Atlantic we will be seeing some talented individuals getting something down.

Although on my search I did find an article suggesting Diddy wanted grime lessons from Skepta in 2011. So there is some hope!

(The journalist of that article jumped the gun a little by suggesting that 'Five years too late, Diddy wants to learn about grime.' in 2011.)

The few videos I did find were a little questionable, for now I think grime suits better the British accent though hopefully something fresh and creative comes through from the US.