The Legal Marijuana Industry Doubles To $2.7 Billion In One Year

28 January 2015

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The Legal Marijuana Industry Doubles To $2.7 Billion In One Year

The debate over legalising marijuana is an ever growing talking point worldwide. In the past, brands like us might shy away from talking about this subject matter but the argument to legalise...Is a pretty strong argument. 

Legal weed has already become the fastest-growing industry in the United States, and if all 50 states legalise marijuana, experts predict that it could become larger than the organic food industry. That's massive...Remember the 'Credit Crunch'...You could forget that happening again for a while.

The Huffington Post recently dropped a report stating the market for legal marijuana grew to $2.7 billion last year, which is almost double the figure from 2013. Lets break it down a bit...If every state in America legalised marijuana the market value would be over $36.8 Billion. Finances aside, scientists have also proven that legal marijuana can ease certain pain more that any prescribed drug available through prescription.

There’s more good news for smokers in the U.S as ArcView predicts the market will grow by 32% this year as more states legalise. If you're living in the UK, this isn't directly affecting you yet...But we predict the UK will legalise when the US big cheese's crunch the numbers to the British government further down the line...Watch this space.